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Minion Rush Environment Work

I was the main environment artist on Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

I was responsible for the general look and feel of the levels, bringing them from blockout to full working levels. That includes composition, props creation (models and textures), general dressing of the levels, UV mapping, lighting (light setup and lightmap creation) and optimizing. I've had a lot of help from my colleagues, who worked on the obstacle props, character art, and some of the environment assets.

The levels I worked on:

- Gru's Lab
- Residential Area
- El Macho's Lair
- Minion Beach
- Anti-Villain League
- The Volcano
- Vector's Fortress
- The Arctic Base
- Minion Park
- Eduardo's Lair
- Moon Minigame

Sergi lluch dm2 0024 layer 7
Sergi lluch dm2 0029 layer 2
Sergi lluch dm2 0030 layer 1
Sergi lluch dm2 0015 layer 16
Sergi lluch mooooon
Sergi lluch dm2 0010 layer 21
Sergi lluch dm2 0026 layer 5
Sergi lluch dm2 0003 layer 28
Sergi lluch dm2 0004 layer 27
Sergi lluch dm2 0025 layer 6
Sergi lluch dm2 0017 layer 14