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TT Games Art test

Art test I've done for TT Games. The goal was to recreate a scene based on a concept art, with a polygon and texture limited budget.

I worked in a PBR workflow, so all the materials have three textures: albedo (diffuse), normal and roughness. For some of the elements, an ambient occlusion map is saved inside the alpha channel of the diffuse map. All of the textures have 1K x 1K resolution, except the pillar that has 2K x 2K, and the small foliage map, that has 512x512 resolution.

Pillar: The pillar has 1387 polygons.
Wall: The wall without the rubble is made by 310 polys, The rubble alone has 684 polys.
Foliage: Each plant alone has less than 40 polys each. The total budget of the foliage is 874 polys.

Sergi lluch 001 general view
Sergi lluch 002 general wireframe
Sergi lluch 003 alternative view
Sergi lluch 004 foliage closeup
Sergi lluch 010 alternative lighting
Sergi lluch 011 pillar alternative lighting